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New Zealand's Trusted Source for Top-Quality Hazchem Safety Solutions and Expert Advice

New Zealand's #1 Premier Provider of Hazchem Products Browse our catalog and submit a free quote! We are competitively priced with nationwide delivery Need something you can't find online? Call us today to discuss your requirements

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We have a wide selection of ppe and more

Protect your eyes with our extensive range of safety glasses

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Discover the perfect blend of durability and clarity, designed to meet your specific safety needs.

Shop our selection now to safeguard your vision with the highest standard of eye protection available

The best cut, needle and chemical resistant gloves in the market

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Our range features advanced materials for maximum durability and safety across various applications.

Find the ideal glove solution today and ensure your hands are shielded against any hazard

Protect your lungs from dust and chemical vapours

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Our high-efficiency respiratory masks and filters are designed for optimal filtration and comfort. They offer reliable defense against airborne contaminants.

Ensure your respiratory health with our advanced protection solutions.

Stay seen, stay visible with our hi-vis workwear!

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Keeping you visible in low-light conditions. Our hi-vis clothing combines functionality with comfort, making it ideal for any work environment.

Elevate your safety gear with our collection and make visibility a priority.

Don't get burnt in all the wrong places with our chemical coveralls

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Equip yourself with our Personal Protective Equipment — your comprehensive barrier against workplace risks.

Quality gear for complete protection, available now.

Check out our spill response equipment

Need to restock your spill kits or purchase a new set?

Explore our range of spill kits, from small, portable sizes to wheelie-bin sized options, tailored for efficient spill management in any scenario. Designed for quick response and easy use, our kits ensure you're prepared for any spill, large or small. Equip your space with our versatile spill kits for immediate spill containment and cleanup

Stop it before it occurs or spreads even more! Browse our drain & catchment protection mats or spill pallets and decks

Quickly contain and manage any incident with spill response kits and products. Your rapid solution to spill safety and environmental care starts here. Designed for effective spill management, preventing contamination and facilitating safe cleanup.

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Rifft Safety is a New Zealand owned and operated company and is the e-commerce arm of RIFFT SOLUTIONS. We are strongly focused on quality and have only partnered with the best and most quality conscious wholesalers, to ensure that when you buy from us you know you are getting a top quality product that is fit for purpose. We offer expert advice to ensure you get the right product for your needs. This includes products such as eye protectionrespiratory protectionfirst aidspill responsesignage, hi vis clothingemergency showersfit testing, as well as a huge range of additional services. 

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(HAZCHEM Professional Services)

Rifft Solutions - Your Path to Safety and Compliance Excellence

Rifft Solutions is a New Zealand owned and operated company and is the training arm of RIFFT SAFETY.  We offer expert advice to ensure you get the right training and consultancy for managing your dangerous goods. This includes  providing Regulation 4.5 Competent Persons training, Spill training, LPG Handling training, Approved Filler certification training, Certified Handler training, drawing HSWA-compliant site plans, developing emergency evacuation plans, traffic management plans, and respiratory fit testing, as well as a huge range of additional services.

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